Womens Studies

Women’s Studies Courses

Online Catalog Descriptions


Women’s Studies WS 200 Introduction to Women’s Studies


Anthropology WS 236 Culture, Sex and Gender
WS 314 Native Peoples of the Southwest: Women, Spirituality, & Power
WS 251 Women and Gender in the Middle East
WS 321 Globalization and Gender
WS 351 Transnational Feminisms
Communication WS 211 Women, Language and Communication
WS 374 Women and Media in the U.S
Economics WS 212 Economics of Gender
English WS 334 Women Writers
WS 437 Literature by Women
History WS 210 Women in American History
WS 319 Women in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
WS 325 Witchcraft and Witch-hunting in New England
WS 425 Gender and Popular Culture
Justice & Law Administration WS 301 Women and Criminal Justice
Nursing WS 250 Women’s Health Issues
Philosophy & Humanistic Studies WS 298 Philosophy of Gender
Psychology WS 217 Psychology of Women

New classes are added regularly. Check with Affiliated faculty for courses in your areas of interest.

Cognate Courses
Cognate courses focus substantially on women and/or gender, but not exclusively. These courses have been designated to support students doing research on women or gender issues in courses not officially designated as Women’s Studies.

Communication COM 392 Sexual Communication
COM 392 Communication of Men & Masculinities
Social Work SW 220 Cultural Diversity
Sociology SOC 221 Human Family Systems
SOC 305 Contemporary Family Problems

Talk to the program Director Dr. Jessica Eckstein if you are interested in getting credit toward the minor in a course not currently cross-listed in Women’s Studies or as a cognate.