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What We Do

Our emphasis is on collaborative learning and empowerment.

Peer tutors are undergraduate students who are trained to support other students (peers) in WCSU courses and recommended by department faculty. Tutoring is available by appointment in over 15 academic disciplines primarily in the subjects of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Psychology, and Social Sciences. 

Peer tutors work one-to-one with students or in small groups (2-5 people) through interactive discussion. These interactive discussions are designed to help students to think independently about their course work and aimed to proactively incite students’ development of critical thinking, problem solving, and identify their strengths beyond tutoring sessions.

This exchange helps both peers in learning their ability to distinguish and solve complex problems, think critically about information, work effectively in groups and then communication clearly about their thinking. The best results we have seen are from those who visit for an hour a week throughout the semester and work towards these goals along with the ones for their course load. 

One can schedule between 1 to 2 hour appointment per day. Each student is alloted 3 hours a week in an effort to meet the tutoring demands of all WCSU students. Tutoring sessions occur at various times throughout the week and on Sunday’s (depending on the peer tutors’ availability). All appointments are made through a scheduling portal called MyWCOnline. This is separate from WCSU’s Banner system and therefore a new user will have to register for an account with their WCSU email and student ID first. 

What is a peer tutor?

A peer tutor is a current WCSU student who possesses experience in a subject area(s), has exceptional study skills, and is able to help guide other students through a course. Additionally, each peer tutor creates a supportive atmosphere while working towards a mastery of the content material. 


What specifically can a peer tutors help me with?
  • Review course materials through active-learning strategies such as socratic questioning;
  • Clarifies specific topic concepts, terms, and/or formulas taught in the course;
  • Demonstrates how to solve sample problem(s) that are similar to those in the chapter, assignment, or course;
  • Helps prepare for tests through practice problems and review;
  • Suggestion on how to implement study skills and strategically plan for the semester ahead such as drawing out diagrams or creating flashcards;
  • Provides support and motivation.


What will a peer tutor NOT be able to help with?
  • Help students cram for tests
  • Write the material for you
  • Predict grades on assignment(s)
  • Reenact the professor’s lecture – please go to class OR ask the professor for clarification during their office hours or before/after class.

Peer tutors are not meant to lecture as if they are teaching the classroom content. It is expected that all students coming to a tutoring session will come prepared with their books, lecture notes, and questions for their peer tutor. Check out one of quick links Guidelines to a Successful Tutoring Appointments at WCSU. 


What should I do before my tutoring appointment?
  • First attempt the assignment, homework, formula, or project prior to coming to a tutoring session,
  • Remember to bring lecture notes, textbook(s), calculator and all related materials,
  • Come with prepared questions or problems similar to the ones you have highlighted in the appointment form,
  • Arrive on time,
  • Read your WCSU email to confirm appointment.


What should I bring with me?
  • The instructor’s assignment and syllabus
  • Textbook or assigned readings pertaining to the coursework
  • Any lecture or lab notes, slides (although it is preferred to have printed copies, a flash drive or laptop is perfectly fine);
  • Graphing calculator, atom molecule set, atlas, ruler or other related materials (the TRC does have some of these too);
  • Any work in progress like a study guide or flashcards;
  • Questions and ideas

This is a free service to all undergraduates currently enrolled at WCSU. 

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