Tutoring Resource Center : General Policies

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Tutoring Resource Center?

The Tutoring Center is a free resource for students that offers one-to-one peer tutoring sessions, aimed at empowering each student to think independently about their coursework. Our emphasis is on collaborative learning.

What is a peer tutor?

A peer tutor is a current WCSU student who possesses experience in a subject area(s), has exceptional study skills, and is able to help guide other students through a course. Additionally, each peer tutor creates a supportive atmosphere while working towards a mastery of the content material.


What specifically can a peer tutors help me with?
  • Review course materials through active-learning strategies
  • Clarifies specific topic concepts, terms, and/or formulas taught in the course.
  • Demonstrates how to solve sample problem(s) that are similar to those in the chapter, assignment, or course.
  • Suggestion on how to implement study skills and strategies such as drawing out diagrams or creating flashcards
  • Helps prepare for tests through practice problems and review
  • Provides support and motivation


What should I do before my tutoring appointment?
  • First attempt the assignment, homework, formula, or project prior to coming to a tutoring session,
  • Remember to bring lecture notes, textbook(s), calculator and all related materials,
  • Come with prepared questions or problems similar to the ones you have highlighted in the appointment form,
  • Arrive on time,
  • Read your WCSU email to confirm appointment.


What will a peer tutor not be able to help with?
  • Help students cram for tests
  • Write the material for you
  • Predict grades on assignment(s)
  • Reenact the professor’s lecture – please go to class OR ask the professor for clarification during their office hours or before/after class.
What happens when I arrive at the Tutoring Resource Center?

Once you arrive for your appointment, please check-in with one of our TRC desk assistants or TRC Coordinator’s office on the second floor of Haas Library. If neither are present, please wait in the green cushioned chair underneath the blue sign that states: “Welcome to the Tutoring Resource Center.” Your tutor will arrive shortly and can be identified by their black staff lanyard with green name tag.

What do I bring to my tutoring appointment?
Please bring any materials such as your textbook(s), course’s syllabus, lecture notes, or calculator you may need for tutoring.