Tutoring Resource Center : General Policies

Scheduling Appointments

Click here to schedule or modify appointment

How to schedule an appointment:
  1. First, navigate to: https://wcsu.mywconline.net/
  2. Log-in with your @wcsu.edu email and the password you set for your MyWCOnline account. **Make sure to select a schedule under AVAILABLE SCHEDULES;
    • If this is your first visit to the TRC, click Register for an account (see directions below)
  3. Once in the portal, use the select your course drop-down menu at the top of the screen;
  4. Choose your course from this menu;
    • Important to note, all courses are listed by course and catalogue number (i.e. HIS 148 or BIO 106)
  5. A schedule will generate below showing which peer tutors are available for your course and their schedules for the week;
  6. Click on any WHITE SPACE at your preferred day and time; All appointments default to 1 hour in length;
  7. A new window will appear with an appointment form;
  8. Fill-out out the appointment form with the details of your course, instructor, current topic/chapter/content material, and what you would like to cover in your session. Be specific and concise. This information helps your tutor prepare!
    • If you would like longer than 1 hour for your sesion, you can alter the time frame here;
  9. Once completed, scroll to the bottom of the window and press the ‘Create Appointment’ button;
  10. Check your WCSU email for an appointment confirmation email and directions on where to meet your tutor.

First time visiting the TRC? Create an Account!

You will need to create a MyWCOnline account if this is your first time making an appointment with the TRC.

** Please note: This is a seperate account from your WCSU Banner account but it is recommended that you use your @wcsu.edu email and Banner account password to make it easier to remember! **

  1. Navigate to https://wcsu.mywconline.net/
  2. Click on First Visit? Register for an account;
  3. Enter your @wcsu.edu, choose a password, and fill-in all required information;
    • All student information is kept confidential. This information is helpful for us to track and assess the services of the Tutoring Resource Center!
  4. Choose your notification options including opting to receive text notifications of your appointments;
  5. Click Complete Registration;
  6. You will then be directed back to the main log-in screen where you can log-in with your full @wcsu.edu email and new password;
    • You can reset your password at anytime. Please see the TRC Coordinator for registration and/or log-in issues.

To modify or cancel an appointment:

** Before changing the time of your appointment, please check the schedule to see if your new desired time is available (in white) and is prior to the four hour cancellation period**

  1. First, log in to: https://wcsu.mywconline.net/
  2. Go to the upper left-hand welcome menu and choose My Appointments;
  3. Select the appointment you would like to modify or cancel;
  4. Once selected, the appointment form will appear. Scroll to the bottom of the window and click the blue Edit Appointment button or the red Cancel Appointment button;
  5. The appointment date and time will appear at the top and you will now be able to change this. Choose the proper start/end time;
    • You can also alter or add any details at this time
  6. Lastly, scroll to the bottom of the form and press Save Changes;
  7. Verify changes were made successfully by checking your WCSU inbox. You will receive a new confirmation email for modified appointments and a cancellation email for canceled appointments;

The Color Code for the online scheduling portal is as follows:  :