Tutoring Resource Center : General Policies

Confidentiality at the Center

Confidentiality Policy:
  • Peer tutors do not comment on grading or suggest the grade an assignment/test one might receive. They are not the ones giving grades. However, a peer tutor can help you calculate your grade point average overall, for a class (G.P.A), or the grade that is needed on an upcoming test/quiz/report/or related assignments in order to pass the course/program requirements.
  • Peer tutors are not able to interpret instructors’ comments; students should visit with the professor with such questions or concerns. We can help you write out these questions if you are having trouble formulating them.
  • Peer tutors are not allowed write about tutee’s progress in session(s) to other TRC tutors or staff members unless a confidentiality agreement is signed and initialed each semester
  • Instructors/athletic coaches/program directors are not allowed to assign tutoring as extra credit or attendance credit but TRC tutors/staff are permitted to sign a document/form stating they were there as long as tutee asks in-person.
  • Visits to the Tutoring Resource Center are confidential. We notify a professor of a visit only at the student’s request. Parents/legal guardians are not able to receive notification(s) of child’s progress or tutoring visits. To do so, please list your professor, coach or other person while filling out an appointment form.