NECHE Self-Study Steering Committee

2013 Visit

  • Dr. Jane McBride Gates, Co-Chair, Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Dr. Ann Atkinson, Co-Chair, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Mr. Paul Reis, Vice President for Finance & Administration
  • Dr. Jerry Wilcox, Director of Institutional Research
  • Dr. Marcia Delcourt, Professor of Education & Educational Psychology
  • Dr. Josie Hamer, Professor of Mathematics
  • Dr. Kathryn Wiss, Chair/Professor of Communications
  • Dr. Daniel Goble, Dean, School of Visual & Performing Arts
  • Mr. Charles Mullaney, Chair/Professor of Justice & Law Administration
  • Ms. Betsy McDonough, Presidential Assistant
  • Dr. Carol Hawkes, Dean Emerita, senior advisor to the NEASC Self-Study Steering Committee
  • Dr. Oscar De Los Santos, Chair/Professor of Writing, Linguistics and Creative Process, NEASC Self-Study editor