Moving on campus? Come Prepared!


What to Pack

To help you prepare for coming to campus, here's a list of things you might want to consider bringing along with you when you come to campus. 

A few hints - less is more at the start of the year!  Talk with your roommate(s) to see if you can each take care of some of the things on the list (one of you might get a fridge, for example, while another brings a television.)

Don't bring all your clothes.  Start off with some summer and early fall clothes (be sure to have things for warm and cold weather).  Later in the semester, you can usually go home and take your "warm weather" clothes home and bring back the more "wintery" set. 

The rooms will always be smaller than you think, and then you'll be surprised by just how much they hold!

Bed & Bath Electronics
    - Mattress Pad
   - Pillow(s) & Pillow Cases
   - Twin Sheets (we have regular twins)
   - Comforter
   - Blanket(s)
   - Towels and washcloths
   - Shower Shoes/Flip Flops
   - Shower Caddy
   - Throw Rugs
   - Desk Lamp & bulbs (non-halogen)
   - Floor Lamp & bulbs (non-halogen)
   - Hangers
   - Full length mirror
   - Trash Can & liners (non-wicker)
   - Posters
    - Alarm Clock
  -  Camera
   - CDs
  -  Music player (CD, MP3, iPod)
   - Cell  phone & charger
   - Computer/ laptop/ tablet (don't forget the charger & locking   
   - Ethernet cable
   - DVD player (w/remote & manual)
   - Gaming system
   - Power strips w/ Surge Protector (UL approved)
   - Printer & Ink (all buildings have access to a wireless laser printer as well)
   - TV (w/remote & manual)
   - TV coaxial cable (6 - 10 ft.)
Identification/Money Laundry Supplies
    - ATM card
   - Checkbook
   - Credit cards
   - Drivers license
   - Insurance Cards
   - Passport/Visa
   - Social Security Card
   - Lock box
    - Detergent
   -  Dryer sheets
   - Drying rack
   - Fabric softener sheets
   - Iron (automatic shut-off)
   - Ironing Board
   - Laundry Bag/Basket
Hygiene Supplies Keepsakes
   - Cleaning supplies
   - Ear plugs
   - First aid kit
   - Electronic Thermometer
   - Soap/Shampoo
   - Toothbrush/toothpaste
   - Shaving accessories
   - Hair products
   - Hair dryer
   - Makeup/moisturizers
   - Prescription medications
    - Photo albums
   - Scrapbooks
   - Photos
   - Stuffed animals
   - Yearbooks
   - Posters
Miscellaneous Please Do Not Bring
   - Backpack
   - School Supplies - pens, pencils, spiral notebooks, calculator, scissors, stapler, tape, post-its
   - 3M Command Adhesive products
   - Calendar
   - Message Board/Dry Erase Board
   - Flashlight/lantern
   - Plastic food storage containers w/lids
   - Dishes/silverware/cups
   - Can opener
   - Umbrella/rain gear
   - Trunk/under-bed storage containers
   - Sports equipment (bikes, rackets, balls)
   - Sunglasses
   - Fan 
   - Refrigerator (less than 6 cu. ft.)
   - Combustable or flammable materials
   - Extension cords, octopus plugs, extenders - ONLY UL-
approved surge protectors are acceptable for use. 
   - Beds from home/waterbeds
   - Fireworks, firearms, explosives, or dangerous weapons
   - Halogen lamps
   - Wicker or other flammable decorative items
   - Microwaves - Centennial, Grasso, & Pinney have microwaves provided in each room/suite.  Midtown only permits microwaves as part of the Microfridge units, but microwaves are available in floor lounges and/or kitchen areas.

Computer - Broadband Connection

All computers are connected through WCSU's network using an Ethernet card. Please make sure your computer has one otherwise you will not be able to access the internet from your residence hall room/apartment. Our residence halls have wireless and wired access.

WCSU Weather Information

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Emergency / Weather Alert Information

The Emergency / Weather Alert will be posted on the WCSU home page any time an emergency or bad weather causes a delay, cancellation or early closing of the university.

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