Health Service

Requests for Medical Records

WCSU Health Service is only able to release records of treatment provided in this office.  Students will need to request immunization records from the healthcare provider who adminstered the immunizations.


Health Service must comply with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  Consistent with this federal law, in the event that treatment records are requested, they can only be sent directly to the designated collaboratiing provider upon receipt of the student’s written consent.  Health Service policy is not to review treatment records with or release treatment records to students.  In addition, Health Service staff is unable to serve in any legal capacity for patients, including providing documentation for any legal matters.


If you are having trouble finding your immunization records, this website might be helpful:


If you need an immunization, please see your PCP or contact:

City of Danbury Health & Human Services

155 Deer Hill Ave.

Danbury, CT 06810

(203) 797-4625