Macricostas School of Arts & Sciences

English Department

English: The Degree for Life

What makes English the Degree for Life?  It is the skills you learn—the ability to read closely, to think critically, and to write clearly—that you will utilize throughout your personal and professional life.  They are

  • academic skills applicable to any course you take,
  • professional skills used in any job or career, and
  • personal skills that will deepen your experience in the world.

English is not just for those who want to be teachers. You can expand your career and educational choices by matching your English skills with a minor in one of the many excellent programs offered at Western. Listed below are some possibilities:

  • minor in business to learn basic business skills you can apply working for any corporation;
  • minor in a foreign language to prepare for teaching overseas or working for an international corporation;
  • minor in one of the sciences to work in medical or technical fields;
  • minor in political science or economics to seek a career in local, state, or national government.

Use your imagination to create the degree that will enable you to build the career you want.  English is the foundation for your personal and professional future.  English truly is The Degree for Life.