Dear WCSU Chemistry Alumni:

    Welcome to your on-line Alumni Newsletter.  Our intention is to develop a list of Chemistry graduates, embellished with your photos, your stories and memories.  We would like to know about your current family and employment status, and your contact information.  

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NOTE:  As of July, 2002, just FOUR (4) alumni have responded.  These are posted below..  DON'T BE LEFT OUT! 

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After graduating WCSU in 1996, I joined Boehringer Ingelheim in the QC department. I was there for 2 years

before transferring to R&D in the department of Drug Metabolism & Pharmacokinetics (DMPK). I worked in DMPK

for 3 years before accepting a position at Pfizer Global Research & Development. At Pfizer I work in the CNS

(central nervous system) section of the Pharmacokinetics, Dynamics and Metabolism (PDM) department performing

early discovery, preclinical bioanalytical studies on prospective  neuroscience therapeutics.

I live in East Lyme, CT with my wife and son. Attached is a current photo  from work. Thanks!

      MAY 2002


After graduating WCSU in 1992, I was employed at Ceimic Corp in Narragansett, RI for about a year.

For the past 9 years, I have been working at Pfizer R&D in Groton. The main focus of my work is comparative

agent method development and validation. I manage the outsourcing of these projects with various

contract laboratories. Comparative agents are the competitors drugs that Pfizer uses in clinical trials to

support its own development drugs or to make marketing claims against the competitors.

I live in Mystic, CT. I am single, but have 7 nephews and 1 niece. My interests include: jogging, biking,

skiing, volunteering, and personal growth work. I like to travel. I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and went on

safari in Africa in 2000. My next big, fun trip will be to Costa Rica in 2003. Some of my life goals include:

running a marathon, going to all 7 continents, sky-diving, visiting all 50 states (and not just in the




Let's see graduated Class 2000 Biology w/ Minor in Chemistry and decide to travel across the country. Landed

myself in Oceanside California (moved a bunch of times within the area since). Finding work out here was

tough, lots of jobs but your a dime a dozen here. So I used recruiters and temp agencies. A little word of

advice to students, whatever a temp/recruiter offers you for a job ask for more they only make money if you

take the job and believe me thaey are making plenty on you to afford a couple bucks more.

So I got my first job as a manufacturing technician at Dura Pharmaceuticals, now Elan Pharm. for month, then

I went to Kimberly-Clark/Safeskin Division (leading manufacturer latex/nitrile gloves) for 6 months as a Lab

Tech (IC, Tensile, Dimensions, Particle counting) in R&D. They moved the facility to Georgia, yuck. Then I

received a Lab Tech position at Creative Nail Design, leading manufacturer of cosmetic nail supplies

(hesiometer testing and formulation). After 6 weeks there I went to this restart up testing lab. MicroStat

Laboratories, Inc. formerly M-Con of Contec wipers. Started as a lab tech starting their chemical

testing capabilities. Set-up Ic, UV-Vis, FT-IR. Do work with these analytical techniques along with particle

counting airborne/liquid, SEM, wet bench. Soon moved to chemist after 3 month probation period, then lead

chemist. After 9 months the VP left and I was the only person left to do testing. The other person working

here is the owner (business major) who was never around so I assumed the role of lead chemist/lab supervisor

and ran the facility single handed with the owner as my secretary for three months. We have just merger with

River's Edge Technical Service (another one man show) an ESD (electro-static discharge specialist) specialist

and now have the complete capabilities for cleanroom contamination control which is our specialty. We are an

independent lab that test all kinds of products, but specializes in cleanrooms. Some of our clients are the

military, Motorola, Intel, Seagate, Idec Pharm., KC-Safeskin, Value-Tek, Contec, Bekshire, just to name a

few. Recently we have hired a technician under me and now we have a staff of 4. Our website is


Stories to follow later.


Michael Tosolini