Academic Advisement Center

Academic Probation

Contact Advisor to create Student Success Plan. This plan is to help you utilize the resources available, understand the importance of time management, and create better habits for you to be academically successful the following semester.

Academic probation letters from the dean are sent at the end of the semester to each first semester freshman with a grade-point average below 1.7 and to all other students with averages below 2.0. If you are placed on probation, you must meet with your academic adviser to review your program requirements, course selections, credit loads, and other pertinent information.

The probationary period will commence the semester following the one for which the letter of probation was issued. The dean will review the student’s activities during the period of probation.

Probation is for one semester. If you do not achieve an acceptable average by the end of the semester that you are on probation, you may be suspended for academic deficiency.

Students on probation should consider a semester course load of 12 credit hours and limit their participation in extra-curricular activities. Appeals to these policies should be made to the appropriate dean who, for extenuating circumstances only, may waive the policy.

Note: Individual Schools or programs may have standards for probation and dismissal from the school or program which are higher than the university’s standards. A student can be on probation or be dismissed from a school or program and still be in good standing at the university.